101 Mobility Picks up on-Trend Momentum for 2020

101 Mobility, one of the largest providers of mobility and accessibility solutions in North America, wrapped up an enriching 2019 and is looking forward to 2020 — with a combination of service and answering the call of growing demand.

A Growing Opportunity

“We continue to see increasing year-over-year growth,” said Mike Gardner, Franchise Development Manager for 101 Mobility. Gardner noted how important mobility and accessibility products have become for the aging population. Those individuals desire to age in place and 101 Mobility provides products to make that happen. 101 Mobility also serves the disabled and special needs communities.

“Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, started turning 73 this year,” Gardner said. “This year we started to see some early signs of the explosive growth we’ve been predicting. They’re going to keep rolling through their 70s, 80s, and 90s, so we’re just starting to edge into a 40-year growth expansion.”

Reaching New Heights in 2020

Expansion plans for 2020 will look to new markets.

“We’re going to focus on some smaller markets, beyond the big metro markets, where we’re running out of territory room right now,” Gardner said. “Historically, our franchise owners bought multiple territories. This was good for growth and helped the brand establish such a strong national presence.” But now, Gardner concludes, the brand’s biggest potential is in suburban and rural markets.

About 101 Mobility

101 Mobility was founded in 2008 to provide mobility and accessibility solutions to an underserved yet growing market of people with limited physical mobility.

What started as a small, North Carolina-based company is now an internationally-trusted resource. Wherever there are barriers or challenges, the local 101 Mobility franchise team provides a solution.

The true power of the 101 Mobility brand is its people — the experts, the problem-solvers, the trusted allies that work hard every day to deliver the best solutions and value to their clients. And they do it with sensitivity, caring, and responsiveness – it’s their mission to stand by a client’s side and be there whenever the client needs them. And that is how we change lives for the better.