8 Super-Useful Apps for Caregivers

At 101 Mobility®, we understand how challenging caregiving can be. One way to make things easier is to make the most of cutting-edge technology and apps that can help you become better educated, organized, and supported. Here are 8 of our favorite apps for caregivers!

  1. Balance - Balance is built for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. It allows multiple caregivers to communicate through its interface and keep tabs on their loved one’s caregiving schedule. It also helps manage medicine, gives information and advice about Alzheimer’s and about caregiving, and has a “Doctor Diary” for keeping track of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes.

  2. Lotsa Helping Hands: Free on iTunes - Lotsa Helping Hands works in conjunction with their online community websites to provide advice and information about caregiving, community-building features, a Help Calendar, emergency contact, and basic information. What makes Lotsa Helping Hands unique is that it includes a place to keep relatives updated through message boards, blog posts, and photos.

  3. iBiomed - iBiomed focuses on the medical aspects of caregiving, including medicines/supplements, dietary information, allergies, treatments, tests, and more. There is a journal to note other relevant information about symptoms, and a community forum. It can also chart data such as sleep, behavior, energy, etc. Originally intended for caregivers of children with autism, it can be modified to fit any caregiving situation.

  4. CareZone: Free on Android - CareZone is a comprehensive app for caregivers that is completely free! Users have access to a log that stores all important information, can be used by multiple caregivers, has user-friendly journal and task list features, medication tracking, and file share service. In addition, they offer “CareZone broadcasts” that let you send recorded voice messages to other users.

  5. RXmindMe - RXmindMe focuses on keeping you on track with medications, supplements, and vitamins. It lets you set reminders and keep track of when each medicine has been taken. It is highly customizable and lets you refill prescriptions at Walgreens. You can also search the FDA Drug Database for more information on the medications you or your loved one is taking.

  6. Pain Care - Pain Care helps patients or caregivers keep track of symptoms, medications, side effects, triggers, and more. You can also share data with your physician. It generates charts and reports to efficiently display the progression of your loved one’s symptoms. Unfortunately, Pain Care doesn’t have many of the useful tools that other caregiving apps have, but its focused purpose makes it easy to use.

  7. Symple: $5.99 on iTunes - Symple is a beautifully designed app that helps you keep track of pertinent information about your loved one’s physical and emotional health. Not only can you track symptoms, you can also keep track of different factors that might influence your loved one’s feelings, including medications, physical activity, supplements/vitamins, diet, and more. It generates graphs to let you see how those factors could be interacting.

  8. Caregiver’s Touch - Caregiver’s Touch is, by far, the most expensive app available (as it is used in conjunction with its expensive web app), but it is also the most highly rated and the most comprehensive. It has a log of essential information (including birthdate, insurance info, caregiver contact info, blood type, medical history, etc.), includes a calendar to organize events, medication management, and has extensive security features.

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