The Ins and Outs of Stair Lift Purchases

Why do I Need A Stair Lift?

Residential safety is one of the most important daily concerns for people living with any type of mobility or accessibility limitation. Stair lifts, in brief, are mechanical devices that allow a person to traverse a stairwell while seated. Stair lifts are suitable for a person of any age who simply is apprehensive to traverse their stairwell for fear of a fall risk or who can no longer walk unaided up/down a stairwell. A stair lift can provide great assistance and peace of mind for people wanting to maintain independence in their home.

Stair lift Categories

People who are trying to purchase stair lifts will be pleasantly surprised to find out they come in a wide array of styles and options. There are several stair lift manufactures, which provides the consumer with the ability to select the type and price of stair lift best suited to their needs. Stair lifts can be made for the inside or outside of a home, can be installed on straight stairwells or stairwells with turns and landings. In fact, stair lifts can even be made to accommodate a wheelchair. Each stair lift can also be ordered with a variety of options to best customize it to a person’s individual accessibility concern.

Stair lifts for stairwells with turns and landings, referred to as Curved Stair lifts, are custom built to match the exact specifications of a home’s stairwell. Consequently, such individualized construction calls for a significant degree of preparation, often taking 6-12 weeks from purchase to installation. Stair lifts for straight stairwells are not custom built and are typically kept in a dealer’s on-site inventory, able to be installed shortly after purchase. Straight stair lifts are remarkably popular and can be spotted in homes all over the globe. It isn’t hard for people to learn how to manage them either. Often all that is needed is a simple push of a button. Outdoor stair lifts in York, PA operate the same way as indoor stair lifts, however, they naturally include weatherproofing. The goal behind weatherproofing is to safeguard the stair lift from the harsh elements and other environmental factors in general.

Stair lift Purchase Take Away

If you want to buy a stair lift for your living space, please remember that it is vital to use an authorized dealer for purchase and installation. Failure to do so can often lead to significant safety hazards and future service issues as stair lift manufactures only supply their authorized dealers with parts. If you recruit an authorized dealer you can ensure that your purchase and installation is up to industry standards and in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

101 Mobility® is an authorized dealer for multiple stair lift manufactures, which allows us the opportunity to best match your accessibility needs with a stair lift that will provide you the greatest degree of personal independence. Contact us today if you would like more information on stair lifts or any accessibility device.