What you (don’t) get with a low-cost provider.

Some folks in the market for mobility or accessibility devices tend to base their purchase decision only on the cost. Only after their purchase do they realize the shortcomings of a low-cost approach.

What you don’t pay for, you don’t get.

Over the long run, a company can’t offer great service without incurring a cost for that service, whether through its employees or through third-party services, to ensure it can continue to operate in the face of business uncertainties. A company that does not include these costs in its pricing to its customers either is losing money—or, more likely, does not intend to provide that level of service at all!

Here are some real benefits that may be lost with a low-cost provider.


People in the market for a stairlift or repairs want reliable answers quickly. A call center is an inexpensive option; however, call center operators do not know the business, have no real decision-making ability, and cannot react quickly to meet a customer’s needs. Our 101 Mobility way to reliably serve these new customers is to hire a qualified, full-time Customer Care Manager, take the time to provide training, give that individual some decision authority to help customers in a timely way and pay the individual a commensurate wage.

Potential customers faced with decisions also need a clear understanding of the equipment and service they are purchasing, along with a firm quote. For most products, the only way to give a firm quote is to visit the home and assess not only how the equipment would fit in the home but also which equipment and options are appropriate for the customer’s condition and needs. Our dedicated, knowledgeable Mobility Consultant travels to the home and spends time to assess the need and make sure the customer understands what they are getting and what price they will need to pay.

Commitment to doing it right

Customers depend on our equipment to give them independence in their day-to-day lives. We at 101 Mobility take the time to understand and follow manufacturers’ guidelines when we install equipment in the home, so our customers can be assured of a safe and reliable installation. This isn’t just a process, it’s a company culture: we coach our Mobility Specialists to be familiar with and follow the guidelines.

We care about our reputation. If there is ever a problem with the equipment, our customers can call the same phone number they called when they first bought the product from us. What differentiates us from competitors who use a call center to find a local handyman to repair the lift? We put our best resources into serving our customers’ repair needs and usually solve the problem within a day or two, if not sooner.

In addition to the product warranties our suppliers offer, 101 Mobility also provides a one-year, free service warranty. So, if a customer has a warrantable issue, they don’t pay anything for the repair during the warranty period.

Higher-quality suppliers and equipment

Our franchise system vets our suppliers—and high-quality suppliers like to do business with 101 Mobility franchise owners because we have standards and an operating system built around serving the customer. That, in turn, results in customer satisfaction that enhances the supplier’s brand.

Our suppliers have been in the business for decades and have proven equipment designs that function well, that last, and that are attractive in the home. Like 101 Mobility, they are committed to this industry and the success of our business and provide training and support if there are any issues.

Long-term business viability

We enjoy serving our customers and want to continue serving them for years to come. We invest in a physical showroom and warehouse that allows us to show our products and carry inventory to quickly turn around a project for a customer with an urgent need. We invest in the competency of our employees through training, and we carry certifications for our Mobility Specialists. We carry business insurance that would allow us to continue operations in the event of a disruption, and we invest in high-quality tools and vehicles to minimize the possibility of an incident.

I hope this has been helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you!