How Our Funding Vehicles Are Unique

At 101 Mobility of Boston, our mobility specialists are here to help with accessibility modifications, allowing you or a loved one to live more independently at home.

We have several services and partners in place to help defray the costs associated with independent living. Below are some of the ways we can assist:

Our Funding Vehicles

  1. Rental Solutions Program – No matter the situation, 101 Mobility of Bostonoffers a comprehensive rental program that will allow you total mobility as long as you require it. We rent straight stairlifts, ramps, patient lifts, hospital bed frames, and vertical platform lifts. The rental program is valuable for people that don’t need these mobility and accessibility solutions for a long period of time. This program is uniquely designed for people who will only require equipment for a year or less.

  2. Easterseals/Santander® Bank Partnership – Easterseals provides a mini-loan program for removable equipment that costs up to $2,000 which is a zero-interest loan. There is also another loan available for more than $2,000 and up to $50,000. This loan is a low-interest one (at about 3%). Each loan option will cover any equipment which is considered “removable”. For example, a straight stairlift qualifies, but a curved one does not as that would be custom for the home it goes into. Santander Bank is the funding institution who grants these loans and Easterseals helps to complete the paperwork. Easterseals often backs the loan if Santander doesn’t not grant the loan to the applicant.

  3. Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) – This program is run through the state of Massachusetts for home and bathroom modifications and the loan can be up to $50,000. An HMLP loan is a good option for a modification that is needed long-term, as payment isn’t required until the home is sold. However, there is a lien against the house with this loan program.

Please view our selection of mobility and accessibility products and services, and consult with us to find the perfect mobility solution for you or your loved one.