Our Mobility Solutions Team

  • Jos Kerstens

    Jos Kerstens

    Branch Manager

    Jos Kerstens is the Branch Manager for 101 Mobility in Marlborough, MA. He has worked with 101 Mobility for over three years. Jos is Patient Handling Certified and has a BA in Business. His favorite part about his job is being able to help all customers and accommodating their individual needs. He loves being able to take care of problems within 24 hours and getting back to customers with solutions to help with any problems. Jos has many hobbies and interests but his favorites are racket sports, sailing, and traveling!
  • Mary Lynn Miller

    Mary Lynn Miller

    Head of Sales

    Mary Lynn Miller is the Head of Sales for 101 Mobility in Marlborough, MA. She has worked for 101 Mobility for over five years. Mary Lynn has over 30 years of experience in the accessibility and elevator industry. Some of her favorite parts about her jobs is having the ability to help people in need of assistance and being able to go home every day and tell her children and family that she helped someone. Mary Lynn enjoys traveling, playing golf in her free time, going camping, and she especially loves to go boating with her family on the weekends!