Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about owning and operating a 101 Mobility franchise? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below, then contact us to speak to a franchise sales representative today.

  • What is the average investment to open a 101 Mobility Franchise?

    The initial investment necessary to begin operation of a 101 Mobility franchise ranges from $118,390 to $216,220. This includes $47,100 to $72,100 that must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliates.

    Are you a veteran? If so, you might qualify for our military veteran’s program that will discount your first territory purchase by $5,000!

  • Is financing available?

    Yes, 101 Mobility offers financing for approved applicants. Contact us for more information about our current financing program.

  • Is an office location required to open a 101 Mobility Franchise?

    Yes, before you open your 101 Mobility franchise business, you will be required to secure an approved office location. Some location requirements include showroom space, warehouse space to house product inventory, and storefront visibility. about choosing a location for your 101 Mobility franchise.

  • What type of prior experience do I need to open a 101 Mobility Franchise Business?

    You do not need to have prior experience in the mobility equipment industry or have a highly technical background or installation skills; however, proven field sales experience is key.

    To become a franchise owner with 101 Mobility, we expect you will be fully dedicated to running the business. We also look for solid customer service, relationship-building, organizational, and business management skills.

  • How many employees does a 101 Mobility Franchise have?

    Most 101 Mobility franchise businesses are categorized as very small businesses. To open your business, you will generally need just three employees:

    - Mobility Consultant (sales)
    - Mobility Specialist (product installations/service)
    - Customer Care Manager (office manager)

    As the business grows, you may add additional employees, but even the largest 101 Mobility franchises typically have fewer than 10 employees.

  • I'm not that handy with tools or equipment - is that ok?

    The 101 Mobility franchise opportunity is about scaling a business and being a leader. The skills we seek are tenacity, leadership, organization, and precision, among others. While a technical background can be helpful, all equipment installation and service work should be completed by a trained "Mobility Specialist" that you will hire.

  • What will I receive as part of the 101 Mobility franchise system?

    When you join the 101 Mobility franchise family, you get access to our best-in-class process and support.

    Each new franchisee has access to the 101 Mobility trademarks, our proprietary system, Mobilink, access to our national VA contract, and access to our vendor contracts.

    Additionally, you will receive onboarding support, two weeks of training at our Wilmington, NC office, virtual and in-person support from a dedicated and knowledgeable Franchise Business Development Manager, access to our online eLearning system, and other remote and in-person knowledge transfer systems.

    We succeed when our franchise businesses succed, so we provide you with the tools to help you grow.

  • How long is the 101 Mobility training program?

    We offer a two-week in-person training program at our home office in Wilmington, NC.

    The first week of the program includes product and installation training, where attendees will become qualified to install and service each of the primary products that we offer.

    The second week of the program is called “Business Week”, and includes all of the topics necessary to successfully manage your business, including sales, operations, and marketing.

    After our initial training program, you will also receive ongoing in-the-field training from your Franchise Business Development Manager, as well as regularly scheduled phone support meetings.

  • What makes 101 Mobility different?

    Our industry is highly fragmented, and most of your local competition will be small independent operators. We sell the highest quality products, and focus on providing the highest levels of service under a national brand name that a consumer can trust. We use a consultative selling approach that ensures the customer has all of the information they need to make a good decision and does not feel pressured into a sale. Click here to read more about the 101 Mobility Difference.

  • Are there ongoing fees paid to the franchisor?

    Franchisees are required to participate in ongoing royalty fees, marketing fees, as well as a monthly software license fee. These fees allow 101 Mobility to fund ongoing support services and to continue the development of product lines, procedures, marketing tools, training programs, and system upgrades.

  • How does a 101 Mobility business attract customers?

    We operate in a need-based industry, so we emphasize SEO to enable customers to find us when they have a need. Part of your franchise marketing fees will go toward a local, SEO-optimized website for your franchise location.

    You may also attract customers through B2B relationships, VA referrals, agency referrals, and other marketing channels. We will work with you to develop a sales and marketing plan in your region.

  • What are the marketing fees?

    The net effective marketing fees will vary depending on revenues, but will not exceed 4% of monthly or annual gross sales.

    hese fees are part of the funds used to develop marketing strategies to promote the 101 Mobility brand. They also help us meet development costs for marketing creatives, including for regional and local franchise marketing activities, and assist in supporting and driving customers to our website as a source for leads.

  • How does a 101 Mobility Franchise get products?

    101 Mobility maintains exclusive relationships with a number of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Each 101 Mobility franchise business has the opportunity to determine which of our vendors to work with, and will purchase products directly from the vendors.

  • How does 101 Mobility determine the size of a territory?

    101 Mobility uses specific zip codes to form a territory based on population and number of households.

  • What is the typical territory size?

    Our standard franchise territory is typically an area of approximately 600,000 people. Prospective franchisees may also acquire smaller or larger territories that are custom-built based on your goals, geographic boundaries, and population density.

  • How long is the 101 Mobility Franchise Agreement?

    The 101 Mobility Franchise Agreement is for 10 years, with the option to renew for an additional 10 years.

  • How do I get started?

    Fill out the form below to speak with a 101 Mobility franchise sales representative.