Hear From Our Clients

  • “Professional”
    Betty McQueen
    Gadsden, SC
  • “Your excellent customer service and knowledge of products that can assist with living life with dignity. Quality products.”
    Jerry Fletcher
    West Columbia, SC
  • “nothing”
    Dorthy Hall
    Saluda, SC
  • “Quality products. Professional representatives”
    Rudy Feichtel
    Prosperity, SC
  • “It was nice to have a business call you back and show up! Very professional and courteous”
    Roland Gauthier
    Gilbert, SC
  • “works great I have already recommended it to several family members.”
    Donna Murphy
    Ridgeway, SC
  • “The wheelchair is beautiful. Runs great and I like the batteries under the arms which makes them very accessible...being able to charge them in the chair both at one time or one at a time. They answer the phone when you call...stand behind their product. I am very pleased of my choice of wheelchair...the Eagle HD. Thanks for everything.”
    Faye Puckett
    Prosperity, SC
  • “I’m very pleased with how the project turned out. Thank you!”
    Joy Fletcher
    Cayce, SC
  • “Very nice unit. Outstanding service mechanics”
    Donald Krofchick
    Prosperity, SC
  • “Everyone I spoke to from Mary answering my initial call, to Haley who came out and measured, to the installer, we’re all very professional and efficient. I am very satisfied with this product, and I have already recommended your services”
    Mike Sutton
    Columbia, SC
  • “Quality products and good service. I do wish they could hire a second technician. I would buy again and I would recommend.”
    Emery R. Curtis Jr.
    Prosperity, SC
  • “Very professional service. Awesome work. Beautifully done. We appreciate everything. Your workers went above and beyond to make sure my dad was completely satisfied. Thank you so much to Daniel and his helper. Thanks for the extra expenses being covered by 1-Mobility. Thank you so much 💓”
    Wadell Gault
    Union, SC
  • “Wide range of products at different price points; service response very good”
    Roberta Bartholdi
    Lexington, SC
  • “I have not been able to use, still in extended care. I have seen pictures and hopefully will be going home 1st of next week. Thanks for checking in.”
    Wylie Grant
    Lexington, SC
  • “I was pleased with the prompt response and the polite repairman that inspected my chair. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done. A new chair was recommended. I feel the product I first purchased should have lasted longer.”
    Linda Singley
    Gilbert, SC
  • “Quality of product. Address issues timely.”
    Roberta Bartholdi
    Lexington, SC
  • “After discussing our needs, over the phone and in person at time of measurement, I thought that it was clear that the ramp installation included the transitional “bumper”(either metal or rubber). I was dismayed when there was nothing that was included to make the transition from walkway to driveway. The wheel chair will still have to bumped down to the driveway level(and in reverse, bumped up to get back on the walk). This is part of the issue that we are trying resolve. The lack thereof is really causing a problem. We would really appreciate that it being resolved quickly. Besides that, both Amanda and John were delightful to work with!”
    Susan Graybill
    Columbia, SC
  • “Nothing that you have done just machines give problem on and off when not used on a regular basis”
    Vijay Subramaniam
    Columbia, SC
  • “The scheduling process did not go smoothly. It is highly unusual to have a company that I have already paid a 50% deposit to NOT schedule my service and NOT explain that they only inform customers of a scheduled service "about a week" before it is to take place. I had to track down what was happening on my own, and the customer service representative had a tone that communicated to me that I was just one more problem in her day. Then when the scheduled day came, the installers' job before ours took so long that they no-showed us. Communication about the re-schedule also did not go well. The whole system seems to need fine-tuning. And the customer service person clearly did not like me. I feel that I was civil and courteous, though insistent that I not be taken advantage of. Having already paid the 50% deposit and then hearing NOTHING for weeks pre-disposed me to be wary that the company was untrustworthy, especially since my consultant explicitly told me that I would be hearing from the scheduler right away.”
    Lisa Laureano
    Columbia, SC
  • “Did not get ramp installed in a timely manner. I feel we were bumped because of a higher paying job. Missed several Doctors appointments because of delay. Wasn't able to install safety bars in bath. However, we were refunded cost of safety bars including labor and tax. Every one we talked to did apologized. When the ramp was finally installed, excellent job. Clean up was perfect. Every one that came to the house was wonderful especially Sergio.”
    Pamela Steck
    Columbia, SC