Rent Ramps, Chairlifts and Vertical Lifts From 101 Mobility

At 101 Mobility®, we understand that sometimes you have a temporary need for mobility equipment. There may be a time when a wheelchair-bound loved one or friend is coming to stay and you need a ramp to provide them easy access to your home. Or possibly you or a family member is having surgery and will require a chairlift for several weeks during rehabilitation. Whatever the reason you require temporary mobility equipment, 101 Mobility® is here to meet all your needs.

We offer a wide range of affordable rental mobility equipment. Our rental programs include:

  • Ramps. For your short term ramp needs, our modular ramps provide the solution you have been searching for. The rental package for ramps includes set up, removal, and any cleanup needed during these two events. We can install ramps in both residential and commercial settings. With our modular ramp rentals, there is no permanent impact on the property. These ramps are ideal for your short term rental needs.

  • Chairlifts. If you have someone in your home that needs assistance with temporary access to the second floor, a chairlift rental will meet your needs. Chairlifts can be installed in both residential and commercial settings. All chairlifts are installed by our trained, certified installers ensuring that your stairlift is safe for use. If your need ends up being a long term, ask us how your rental can be turned into a purchase.

  • Vertical Lifts. If you need to provide access to decks, porches, or stairways, our vertical lift rental program is ideal for your short term need. Our vertical lift rental program offers the safe, easy, and affordable access you need. Our vertical lifts provide access for wheelchairs, scooters, and powerchairs. They can be installed in both residential and commercial locations and in both exterior and interior settings. All vertical lift rentals are installed by our trained, professional installers.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our rental programs, please contact your local 101 Mobility® location.