How Does a Stair Lift Keep You Safe

When considering installing a stairlift, one of the first questions people ask is how safe are stair lifts? As long as they are installed properly by an experienced Atlanta stairlift company and used correctly, stair lifts are an incredibly effective way to not only help people with mobility issues but keep them safe. High-quality manufacturers work hard to provide quality mobility solutions that meet rigorous safety standards. Read on to learn more about the safety features that can be found on stairlifts as well as other safety precautions you can take.

Safety Features of Stairlifts

All stairlifts and other mobility equipment are carefully designed to ensure not only the convenience but also the safety of the user. There are a number of safety features available, some always come preinstalled with your lift while others are upgraded features that can be installed with custom stairlifts.

Some safety features include:

  • Motion Sensors: Also known as footplate and motor sensors, this feature will detect any obstructions on the stairs or in the way of the lift and safely bring the stairlift to a complete stop.

  • Seat Belts: Each lift comes with a seat belt which will keep the rider securely in place while the lift is in motion.

  • Swivel Seats: It’s important that your seat turns away from the top of the stairs so that the rider can safely offload without fear of falling or tripping.

  • Batteries: Stairlifts come with batteries that are constantly charging so that in the event of a power failure, the stairlift will still safely function.

  • Enclosed Motor: Having an enclosed motor prevents clothing, hair, and other objects from becoming caught in the motor and causing damage to your stair lift.

  • Folding Railing and Seats: Foldable seats and railings ensure that the lift doesn’t get in the way of people or become a tripping hazard while not in use. There are various different folding rail styles, which is where ordering a custom stair lift comes in.

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind / Operating Safety Tips

Consider the User

When considering buying a stairlift it is important to think about who will be using it. Is the user able to stand, bear weight, and pivot? Do they have enough strength to safely transfer between wheelchair to stairlift? Another frequently asked question is whether are stairlifts safe for people with dementia. The answer is yes, although you’ll want to ensure that they are supervised the entire time.

You should never let children use a stairlift without adult supervision. Thankfully, most lifts come with child-proof immobilization features that keep children from accidentally or intentionally using a lift.

Be Mindful of Capacity

All stairlifts are designed to carry only one person at a time. This includes children of all ages. It’s also important to never go above the maximum weight that is specified in the user manual. The average weight capacity ranges between 300-400 Ibs.

Avoid Obstacles and Hazards

Stairs can often be filled with tripping hazards such as when clothes or toys are left on them. Leaving these obstacles lying around can be dangerous for stairlifts if they get in their path or cause them to get stuck. While safety features like motion sensors and enclosed motors help prevent these issues, it’s still a good idea to keep your stairs clear.

In the same way, you should be aware of loose clothing items such as scarves, long skirts, blankets, or long jackets. You want to avoid getting these trapped under the lift’s mechanism which can cause personal injury or damage to your stairlift.

Your stairlift should always be installed so that you can safely exit at the bottom and top landing, never on the steps. In Georgia, our State Fire Marshal requires that the company installing the stair lift be registered with the State and the installer must be a licensed elevator mechanic

Keep Your Stairlift Clean

It’s important to keep your stairlift clean of dust or liquids that could become slippery or damage the stairlift. It’s a good rule of thumb not to have food, drinks, or any other liquids near your stairs or your lift.

Other Ways to Ensure Safe Stairlift

You should always be confident that your stairlift can keep you safe, the only sure way to do this is to contact a reliable Atlanta stairlift company that has the experience and license to properly install your mobility solutions. Once installed, it’s a smart idea to schedule maintenance appointments with your Atlanta mobility service yearly to ensure that your lift will always be operating smoothly. Contact 101 Mobility Atlanta and learn more about how we can help you safely install a stairlift today.