Find the Right Stairlift for Your Home: A Guide To Different Stair Types

Are you considering purchasing a stairlift for your home? The right choice can make all the difference in terms of ease and safety when ascending or descending stairs. Different factors such as whether your stairs are straight or curved, or whether your lift will be inside or outdoors, must be taken into consideration before selecting the most suitable lift. Understanding what type of device is best suited to your needs is extremely important to ensure that you are not only safe but comfortable during each and every ride. Read on to learn more about how you can find the right stairlift for your home with 101 Mobility.

Different Types of Stairlifts

Straight Stairlift

Stairs that are straight are the easiest to install a stairlift on, especially if they don’t have a landing and are more than 30 inches wide. Straight stairlifts are often the most economical option, due to the fact that they don’t have to be customized. The majority of lift providers will have them in stock and ready to install in a timely manner, usually a few days after your first call.

Curved Stairlift

Curved stairlifts are a little more challenging but still very easy to install. It will most likely require a custom-built lift to perfectly fit your staircase and ensure a smooth ride. A manufacturer may take several weeks to make a quality curved stairlift. Be cautious if your Atlanta stairlift company promises you that they can install a curved stairlift at a lower cost or within a few days, typically this means they are using a modular curved stairlift that is not custom-made, good quality, and will not give a smooth ride.

Outside Stairlift

If you need an outdoor lift, it’s important to make sure that the lift is made specifically for outdoor use. Outdoor stairlifts are always carefully manufactured to withstand harsh weather, whether it’s cold temperatures or wet weather conditions.

The Right Fit For Your Needs & Situation

When considering which stairlift to purchase it’s important to consider your specific needs. Do you need a lift for a long time? You may want to consider adding a stairlift as a permanent addition to your home. But if your needs are more short-term, there are rental options available.

You’ll want a model that will accommodate your body type. There are models available with broader seats and footplates to fit a variety of different people. Most stairlifts have a weight capacity of 300Ibs but a heavy-duty lift can hold up anywhere from 400-600Ibs. Not only will this be safer for you but you will also have a more comfortable ride.

Reputable Brand and Dealer

One of the smartest choices you can make when it comes to buying a stairlift is to do your research on the Atlanta stairlift company you will be working with. Make sure that they are industry professionals and are well-regarded by their customers by looking through customer reviews or consumer reports.

Local dealers that promote do-it-yourself lift installation may offer attractive prices but stairlifts really need to be installed by a professional to ensure that it is functioning effectively and safely. They also won’t provide maintenance or repairs for your stairlift which can leave you in a tricky spot with a potentially unsafe lift. In the state of Georgia, stairlift installers must be a licensed elevator mechanic and require permits. A simple handy man can’t meet those requirements which is why it is so important that you find a reputable stairlift company to install your stairlift.

When you buy a lift from a reputable stairlift company like 101 Mobility Atlanta, you receive compassionate service as well as comprehensive warranties. We will help you throughout the entire process from the initial conversation discussing your specific mobility needs to the installation. Even after the stairlift installation, if you ever have problems with your lifts such as needing a repair or regular maintenance, 101 Mobility is always here to help.