The Benefits of Vertical Platform Lifts

For those with mobility needs, it can often feel like the world isn’t designed with you in mind. Fortunately, vertical platform lifts offer a reliable and efficient solution. By providing seamless vertical transportation between levels, these vertical platform lifts enable disabled people to move independently, giving them the freedom they need. These sturdy devices provide convenience, safety, capability, and peace of mind for those who rely on wheelchairs or scooters and may need assistance getting up and down stairs.

What Are Vertical Platform Lifts?

Vertical platform lifts, or VPLs, help make places more accessible for both residential and commercial buildings by providing access to elevated areas such as raised porches and decks. They are designed for those with mobility issues or who have difficulty climbing stairs, especially for those who rely on wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters to get around.

A vertical platform lift is a wonderful alternative to ramps. In cases where there is not a lot of room or there is a high vertical distance between you and your destination, a VPL would be a better fit than a ramp since ramps would either be too steep to be beneficial for wheelchair users or require a lot of space to be properly installed.

They are available for both indoor and outdoor use—indoor mainly being used in garages or in tight-fitting places in the home, while outdoor use works great for porches. Vertical platform lifts can lift from a few inches up to 14 feet.

What Are the Benefits of Vertical Platform Lifts?


By being handicap accessible, vertical platform lifts help people with mobility issues regain their independence. With how easy VPLs are, users won’t need assistance and can travel more freely. This is fantastic for morale and boosting confidence.

They also benefit family members as they reduce reliance on caregivers. Caring for someone with mobility issues can be both physically and mentally taxing but offering a vertical platform lift can ease some of that burden.


Vertical platform lifts are easy to use. All you have to do is position yourself within the platform and push a button, which is always placed within reach. It will do all the work from there, delivering you safely up or down to your destination.

They are also remarkably smooth and quiet, which means that VPLs will not disturb your neighbors no matter the time of day you use them.

Increased Safety

Vertical platform lifts are incredibly safe. Each one is installed with safety features that greatly reduce the risk of injury and accidents. Protective 42” platform walls surrounded the platform lift, keeping users securely inside. If you wish for more security you can also install a platform gate. Every gate has a pre-installed locking system that will only unlock when the lift has safely come to a complete stop.

Another feature is the auto stop sensors which are built in to detect if there is anything underneath the lift. If they sense something, it will stop moving downwards until it senses that the path is clear. This feature is especially important if you have children or pets around that could mistakenly get caught underneath.

Most vertical platform lifts are battery-powered, which ensures that your VPL will continue to run during a power failure. This safety feature will keep your vertical platform lift moving even in a snowstorm or rainstorm.


There are a number of factors that go into the price of a vertical platform lift from the manufacturer and customization to the location and height. In general residential VPL range from $10,000 to $25,000, while a commercial vertical platform lift might cost around $18,000 to $75,000.

Home Value

Adding a vertical platform lift to your home will increase its value, giving you a higher resale value. When looking for a house, a lot of people look for a place they could age into, and so by making it more accessible, you can increase its value. Installing a vertical platform lift will set your house apart, making it much more desirable in the eyes of home buyers.

Vertical platform lifts are a great way to reclaim your independence, create convenience, and increase safety in the home. With so many benefits, the value you can gain through the installation of such a lift is immeasurable, and if you're looking for a mobility product that will help you or a loved one become free to live your life again with independence, then vertical platform lifts are worth considering.

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