5 Beneficial Reasons For Having A Home Elevator

In today’s world, a home elevator can be an incredibly valuable asset for those wanting to stay independent and healthy in the comfort of their own homes. By making it easy to access all levels of the home, having a home elevator can leave those with mobility issues feeling empowered and relieved.

For homeowners, home elevators offer a chance to both add value to their property and enhance their way of life by allowing them to move easily between floors while also enjoying the aesthetic benefits they bring with them. By providing new levels of flexibility and freedom within your home, a custom-built elevator can make all the difference.

With modern home elevators offering quality space-saving designs that fit into most buildings without much structural alteration needed, install elevator in home has become easier than ever before. Let’s dive into some of the amazing benefits having a reliable and convenient home elevator can bring to your home.

1. Convenience and Comfort

Home elevators are often seen as luxurious, but the most luxurious thing about them is the convenience and comfort they offer. How often have you gone up the stairs only to realize you left your phone or wallet on your nightstand? Or had to make too many trips up and down the stairs carrying luggage for a vacation? Imagine how much smoother life would be with an elevator to glide between floors.

Suddenly routine domestic chores are easier. You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself carrying heavy bags and laundry up and down the stairs or risk tripping as you struggle to bring your vacuum cleaner downstairs. You can bring everything you need in a single trip.

Stairs are a kind of exercise. Climbing stairs is one of the quickest ways to tire yourself, so much so that some people consider them harder than lifting weights. With every exercise, there are health benefits and health risk so it’s best practice to do things in moderation. Having an elevator in home means you can avoid putting unnecessary strain on your joints, muscles, and cardiovascular system.

2. Independence

Home elevators provide an empowering sense of independence to many who experience medical challenges that make navigating stairs a difficult task. Whether faced with long-term or short-term mobility issues, depending on someone else for help can be incredibly frustrating and restrict your access to various areas of your own house.

If you need assistance navigating stairs, you’ll often find yourself at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. By having an in home elevator you regain some of your freedom and independence, having the choice to go wherever you want whenever you want.

3. Safety and Security

Elevators offer a safe alternative to climbing stairs. Falls are quite common, especially when you have pets underfoot or toys laying around. In fact, falls are one of the leading causes of nonfatal injuries. Each one of our home elevators are built with security and safety as a top priority. Our home elevators move at 20 FPM (feet per mile)—a speed we found balances safety and time management. They also have soft starts and stops that are so subtle you’ll hardly notice them.

With features such as emergency alarm and stop buttons, users will be able to stop as needed or call for help if necessary. In case of power outages and other emergencies, each elevator has an emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering. Other features such as grab bars or extra padding can be added to help avoid a fall, or in other cases soften one.

4. Add Style to Your Home

Home elevators are a chance to make your home more stylish. They can seamlessly blend with your home’s interior or stand out as a statement—whichever you prefer. With their sleek and slender design, they save space making your home feel bigger.

Home elevators are completely customizable from interior and trim finishes to custom handrails and push buttons. Color choices include contour white, hardrock maple, silver frost, driftwood, and many others depending on the model. You can also pick the material for the trim, handrails and buttons–your choices usually being between aluminum, stainless steel, or silver. Regardless of your choice, our elevators are made with quality craftsmanship and reliable materials.

The carriage size can also be customized, though they usually come in three standard sizes. You can even decide on the entry/exit style so you can choose which way the doors open. The choices include entering and leaving on the same side, exiting adjacent left or right, or straight through.

101 Mobility offers three main types of elevators, each with their own advantages.

  • Savaria Eclipse–This sleek elevator takes up less space with an energy-efficient compact drive system. Savaria Eclipse is fully customizable with the best high-tect features available.
  • Stiltz Home Lift– As one of the smallest and quietest home elevators, Stiltz Home is both effective and affordable. It also has the advantage of using little electricity and having a self contained drive system.
  • RAM Crystal Elevator– With an elegant design, RAM Crystal is a functional yet unobstructive elevator with customizable interiors.

5. Increasing Your Home Value

Home elevators are a valuable asset. They are seen as an attractive feature, in the same way people view pools or screen-in-porches, that add a sense of convenience and elegance to your home. By adding an elevator to your home, you’ll be increasing your home value and making it that much more desirable on the market.

A lot of people want to find their forever home and never have to move again. Smart buyers will recognize that even if they don’t need an elevator now, they might one day and buying an accessible friendly home will make their lives easier in the long run.

Every seller’s dream is to get more than you originally paid for. If you want to know how much installing an elevator will increase your home value, you should hire an appraiser. They will give you your home value in today’s market and in some cases do a safety inspection so you can have complete peace of mind over that your elevator is running efficiently.

6. Easy Installation

So how are elevators installed? In contrast to remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, which often requires having a mini construction site in your home for weeks on end, the process of install elevator in home is fairly straightforward. Home elevators take up little space and can easily be integrated into existing walls without being too intrusive or interfering with your daily life.

In the State of Georgia, you must be a licensed elevator mechanic and have a Certificate of Authority from the State Fire Marshall. As one of five states that require this, you can be sure that any installation in the State of Georgia will be done professionally and safely. And if for any reason, you have issues with your elevator, 101 Mobility offers a One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Home elevators offer a safe and secure way for people to maintain their independence in their own home while also adding a sene of style and elegance. With its easy installation and potential to add value to a home, an elevator could be just what you need to make your daily life easier. We have witnessed many of our customers find real satisfaction with their home elevator, so talk to 101 Mobility today. We have representatives available who can answer any question you might have and can help determine if this type of investment is right for you.