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  • woman in wheelchair What is the Best Surface for a Wheelchair Ramp? When it comes to navigating your home with ease, the material of your wheelchair ramp plays an important role. At 101 Mobility in Boise, we specialize in aluminum ramps, a choice that marries strength with lightweight flexibility, ensuring you get a durable yet easily ... Read More
  • chair lift What Diagnosis Will Cover a Stairlift? Understanding the financial aspect of adding a stairlift to your home doesn’t need to be difficult, and we at 101 Mobility in Boise aspire to empower you along every step of the way. Many wonder if their insurance will cover this life-changing piece of equipment, designed to ... Read More
  • stair lift What is the Difference Between a Stairlift and a Platform Lift? When it comes to enhancing mobility within your home in Boise, the terms stairlift and platform lift might seem interchangeable. However, while both are designed to assist those with mobility challenges, they serve different needs and are suitable for various environments. ... Read More
  • ADA ramp ADA Ramp Guidelines in Boise Introduction When it comes to ensuring accessibility and comfort for families in Boise, Idaho, we often find ourselves addressing the need to install ramps that meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. While it may not always be legally required, many families ... Read More