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  • What you (don’t) get with a low-cost provider. Some folks in the market for mobility or accessibility devices tend to base their purchase decision only on the cost. Only after their purchase do they realize the shortcomings of a low-cost approach. What you don’t pay for, you don’t get. Over the long run, a company can’t ... Read More
  • What ‘Before the Sale’ service looks like When I speak to customers who are considering home accessibility products or auto mobility products, they are justifiably concerned about service after the sale—mostly about what will happen if something breaks. And I always let them know we will be there for them. But I ... Read More
  • Questions I wish my customers would ask me during a consultation (but almost never do!) I sometimes find myself in a lengthy conversation with a potential customer on the technical merits of a product or how it would fit in the home. While this is certainly an important topic of conversation, it can distract the customer from asking some very important ... Read More