Questions I wish my customers would ask me during a consultation (but almost never do!)

I sometimes find myself in a lengthy conversation with a potential customer on the technical merits of a product or how it would fit in the home. While this is certainly an important topic of conversation, it can distract the customer from asking some very important questions.

High value questions.

So, why do most customers never initiate a conversation about the value they are looking for versus what I offer?

Some folks have done a lot of research which leads them down a tactical path of thinking. Other folks may see such a conversation only getting them a “sales pitch”, or they are simply uncomfortable asking direct and potentially insulting questions, so they stick to the comfortable, technical aspects of the product.

Whatever the reasons, the open-ended questions below bring out in the open how a customer sees value and gives the provider (me) the opportunity to explain exactly how I provide that value.

“Which products are best for my needs?”

As funny as it sounds, customers may not realize what needs they have that are relevant to the conversation and which options are available that meet those needs.

In one common sales scenario, customers are fixed on their present state and don’t consider what could happen in the future, for example if their health continues to degrade. For example, a larger model home elevator that accommodates wheelchair access both future-proofs the home and provides additional convenience in transporting laundry or groceries in a single trip.

chair lift

Another common scenario is where customers do not fully understand the practical limitations of the equipment. An outdoor vertical platform lift functions perfectly well in inclement weather, but if a customer is relying on this lift for emergency situations, they would be potentially putting themselves in danger if an emergency happened to coincide with a storm.

It’s worthwhile exploring options that add money to the price of the equipment and may be of value to the customer. Power folding footrests or power seat swivels are good options for individuals with certain neurological conditions who are considering purchasing a stairlift, for example.

Helping the customer explore and understand options is a strong point for us at 101 Mobility. The result of a well-executed assessment and exploration of options with the customer is a determination of the very best solution and a higher level of trust by the customer.

“Why should I spend this kind of money for this equipment? Where is the value?”

When a customer asks me what they are getting for their money, it sets me up to explain what they are really buying: their independence and ability to move safely in the home of their choice—that’s not just a sales pitch, it’s the view of customers after the sale who say, “I don’t know how we would have made it without this…”

But that doesn’t mean all stairlifts (or elevators, auto lifts, patient lifts, or vertical platform lifts) are created equal. At 101 Mobility we sell, install, warrant, and service the top brands in the industry—reputable brands that have been around for decades with field-proven designs.

photo of stair lift

And the equipment is not the end of the story. Ultimately, the equipment must function safely in the home, which requires our consultants and technicians to correctly address the unique features of your home that would impact the safe operation of the equipment. We train our technicians with our manufacturer partners to ensure we are able to properly install the equipment in your home.

“Why should I go with you (101 Mobility)?”

This is another great question. We at 101 Mobility are committed to providing the best possible experience throughout the process of purchasing a lift. Our staff—customer care manager, mobility specialists, and consultants—are hired as much for their personal skills as for their technical acumen.

Before the sale, we answer the phone, provide options, and provide information and answers so you get the information you need to make the best decision. Following the sale, we keep you informed on the progress of manufacturing and delivery of your equipment and when a likely installation date will be. During installation, our technicians, who are trained by our manufacturers, follow all guidelines and are respectful of your home and your time. They take the time to ensure you are trained and understand how to use the equipment safely before they leave the home.

The service and response we do after installation is perhaps our biggest service distinction. Although they don’t happen often, problems inevitably occur. When they do, our customers can call us, the same guys in the local area who sold them the equipment and installed it for them. That is a great incentive for us to do it right the first time, and it gives our customers access to someone they already know and can hold accountable to make things right.

We know we do well at this. We can see it in reviews our customers leave for us—especially those who have seen us respond to make things right after something goes wrong.

I hope this has been helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you!