What ‘Before the Sale’ service looks like

When I speak to customers who are considering home accessibility products or auto mobility products, they are justifiably concerned about service after the sale—mostly about what will happen if something breaks. And I always let them know we will be there for them.

But I think just as much can be said for service before the sale, when customers are trying to make good decisions and get the best for their money.

A good partner

Customers have a range of needs, financial means, and living circumstances. At the same time, most are relatively new to the home accessibility or mobility market. They need a trusted and knowledgeable advisor to help them understand and navigate the process. We at 101 Mobility of The Woodlands & Conroe have built our business around helping our customers through this decision-making process with several key service features.

An educational (and free) home consultation

When I say “educational”, it goes both ways. The customer and I are learning from each other. I am learning about them, their preferences, their needs, their home, their resources. They are learning about me, my products, my service policies—and most importantly—why they can trust me.

I don’t say, “you can trust me because of this or that”. Instead, I build trust by having a discussion and answering their questions. Yes, I can guide the conversation if there is something I feel the customer should understand. Mostly, I want to ensure they get the information they feel they need. When people feel heard, they are open to hearing what I have to say. I listen to their needs, and I answer their questions. If there is anything left unsaid, I can always wrap up at the end.

And, I usually don’t charge for a home consultation. Why destroy that goodwill by charging someone?

Lots of options

Once I understand a customer’s needs, I lay out some options to consider. We provide a wide range of products: elevators can safely transport people to a second story in the home and enhance the look and value of the home. Stairlifts are a less expensive option and come in a variety of applications to suit individual needs. Platform lifts conserve space and can accommodate folks with a range of mobility issues, from those in wheelchairs to those with modest mobility issues who are finding climbing stairs to be a little too difficult.

We also carry other products besides lifts. Need to get the groceries up the stairs? We can install a dumb waiter for you. Having trouble getting in the bath? We can install a walk-in shower or walk-in tub. The list goes on.

If you need the equipment for only a few months, we can install, rent the equipment to you, and remove the equipment for a reasonable fee.

Need financing? We can provide that, too. Just ask us for an estimate based on your credit score. When you apply, you can get offers from as many as a dozen or more lenders over email in just a few hours.

We are set up to assist with a range of options to suit your needs.

Turnkey solutions

Having a company provide turnkey solutions—those in which the company hires and coordinates all the associated construction, electrical, or other project components in their price—means you don’t have to find those services on your own or be an expert at crafts. At 101 Mobility, we hire and manage competent, high-quality contractors and package that in our quote, so you know the full price and scope of the option and can decide against other options.

This makes it much easier for those folks who are managing doctor’s visits or relocations of loved ones. They can focus on those important things and leave the project management to us.

I hope this has been helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you!