Meet Our Team

  • Fouad BouSalman

    Fouad BouSalman


    With an impressive career spanning over 20 years as a Registered Occupational Therapist, Fouad possesses a wealth of experience in geriatric care. His deep-rooted connection to the San Francisco Peninsula fuels his pride and commitment to serving the area where he grew up. Throughout his career, Fouad has worked diligently in various healthcare settings, leveraging his expertise as an OT to recommend accessibility and adaptive equipment that enables his clients to maintain safety and independence in the comfort of their homes. Fouad's genuine qualities of patience, empathy, and unwavering dedication shine through as he assists others in preserving their pride and independence in their daily lives. The fusion of his extensive background and heartfelt passion to make a positive impact on the lives of others drew him to this franchise opportunity. Currently residing in Redwood City alongside his wife and cherished dog, Fouad relishes spending quality time with his loved ones. Whether indulging in sports, hosting delightful BBQ gatherings, exploring new destinations while traveling, or embracing the great outdoors with his beloved canine companion, he finds joy in every moment.

    When looking for mobility solutions and exceptional customer care in San Mateo, Shereen, Fouad and the 101 Mobility team are here to support you on your journey to greater accessibility and freedom.

  • Shereen BouSalman

    Shereen BouSalman

    Director of Business Relations

    A dedicated and passionate professional serving as the Customer Care Manager and Director of Business Development at 101 Mobility of San Mateo. Relocating from Southern California to the Bay area in 2016 following her marriage, Shereen's admiration for the region was immediate. With a strong background as a Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, she possesses over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages and diverse needs. In addition to her expertise in healthcare, Shereen is a skilled marketer who leverages social media to promote her family's businesses and foster valuable Business-to-Business relationships. Her heartwarming empathy and genuine desire to aid others fuel her drive to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her. Residing in Redwood City with her husband and beloved dog, Shereen cherishes her downtime by hosting delightful gatherings for family and friends. Her green thumb finds solace in gardening, and she finds joy in exploring new destinations while traveling or embracing the outdoors with her furry companion. Her unwavering dedication to enhancing the mobility and independence of individuals within the community embodies the values that define our organization.
  • Snigdha Chandra

    Snigdha Chandra

    Customer Care Manager

    Snigdha Chandra is the Customer Care Manager at 101 Mobility of San Mateo. Snigdha will likely be your first point of contact when you first inquire about products that 101 Mobility provides. Snigdha has an extensive background in customer care and finding great solutions to life’s challenges.

    Snigdha is part of the initial team at 101 Mobility in San Mateo. She brings her compassionate spirit as she listens to your situation and offers mobility solutions specific to your needs. Offering you the opportunity to safely stay in your own home is her goal.

    She lives in Mountain View with her husband and a toddler. She is also an amazing cook and enjoys gardening as her hobby.

  • Raul Navarro

    Raul Navarro

    Mobility Specialist

    Raul Navarro is your Mobility Specialist and product installer for 101 Mobility of San Mateo. Raul gained his experience in electrical and mechanical engineering through a Technical College. Raul enjoys utilizing and practicing these skills every day as he installs and services the products that 101 Mobility offers.

    Raul has been working with 101 Mobility since the San Mateo location opened. He has an optimistic mindset and a compassionate heart. He loves assisting customers and likes to leave you with the knowledge and training to safely and successfully operate your new mobility solution.

    When Raul is not working, he is enjoying time with his wife and kids. Raul and his wife, Doris, are excited to be a part of this industry and continue to spend quality time with their children

  • Emmanuel Morales

    Emmanuel Morales

    Mobility Specialist

    Emmanuel brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of tools and construction to our team. His dedication to sharing knowledge and his unwavering commitment to continuous learning make him a valuable asset. Emmanuel's compassionate nature, empathy, and genuine desire to assist others drive his mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those he encounters. He was drawn to 101 Mobility not only because of the meaningful work we do daily but also because of the smiles and newfound sense of independence we bring to our customers. During his leisure time, Emmanuel cherishes moments with his family and his two beloved dogs, Luna (a husky) and Princess (a Pit Bull). He also nurtures a profound passion for automobiles and is dedicated to expanding his knowledge in this area. Emmanuel and his brothers bond by attending car shows, meticulously detailing their own vehicles, and exploring a variety of culinary delights from local vendors. His current culinary favorite is a generously loaded baked potato. Emmanuel's dedication to supporting small businesses and his willingness to lend a helping hand to those in his community reflect his innate desire to bring happiness to those around him.