Why 101 Mobility of Boise is the right choice for Stair Lifts, Accessibility Ramps, and Rails.


Making a good decision can be difficult. Especially when it comes to making a decision about a product or service we know little to nothing about. Most of us have never had to purchase a stairlift before or ever even considered where a ramp would go to get us into our home. The most important part of any situation like this is to find a good partner to help you learn what you don’t know so that you can make the best possible decision. At the very center of that is finding someone you can trust. In the following post we share the key elements and reasons why you may find 101 Mobility to be your trusted partner on that journey.

When faced with mobility challenges, you want a partner who understands your unique needs and can guide you to the right solutions. At 101 Mobility of Boise, we're more than just a product provider; we're your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of mobility solutions. Here’s why.

Core Values

Every decision that is made comes from that point deep down inside of our heart where our core believes and values flow from. At 101 Mobility that is no different. We have deep seated values that are anchors for the decisions we make and at the core of not only what we’re going to do, but why we do it. We know what is most important to us and it is in our DNA to follow that deep importance. We desire to see families free from fear and worry, people lifted up and for hope to bring light into the homes and communities that we serve. The values that we hold to are:

  • Hope - Fear will NOT lead our decisions, we Have Hope!
  • Family - If you save the family you save the world.
  • Kindness - Treat people how you want to be treated.
  • Caring - Like they’re part of your family.
  • Tenacity - Never, never give up.

Caring Team

We've all encountered those instances where a pushy salesperson, a brusque technician, or an indifferent service representative on the phone leaves us feeling disconnected and disregarded. At 101 Mobility of Boise, we are resolute in our commitment to diverge from this norm. We have made it our distinctive mission to embrace a different approach—a deliberate, unhurried approach that is infused with genuine care for the Idaho families we are privileged to serve.

In numerous instances, the Idaho families who come to us are grappling with significant challenges, navigating unforeseen circumstances that have altered the trajectory of their lives. Recognizing this, we approach our service with an empathetic heart, attuned to the unique journeys that each family is navigating. Our core ethos rests in meeting these families right where they are, listening intently to their stories and needs, while also peering ahead to anticipate potential hurdles that might lie on their path.

Our dedication extends far beyond the superficial. We perceive our role as more than just imparting information; it's about crafting a symbiotic partnership, empowering these families to make informed decisions that align with their distinct situations. From the simplest gesture of picking up the phone promptly to addressing inquiries with patience and insight, we lay the groundwork for a service that transcends transactional norms.

However, the crux of our commitment resides in the profound responsibility we take upon ourselves—ensuring that the very homes in which these families dwell become havens of safety and ease. With meticulous precision and professional finesse, we install equipment designed to augment the home environment, fostering an atmosphere where independence can flourish. But it doesn't end there; our commitment segues into education. We strive to demystify the operation of these devices, ensuring that each family member possesses the knowledge to utilize them with confidence.

At the heart of every interaction, you'll find a genuine smile—one that emanates from our collective commitment to serve with authenticity. We are more than a service provider; we are a conduit of compassion within our community. We take pride in embracing the role of a companion, a guide, and a partner in these families' journeys. Our mission, rooted in genuine concern, paints a tapestry of service that transcends the transactional landscape. In a world often characterized by haste, we champion the power of slowing down and tending to the hearts and needs of the families we are privileged to serve.

Experts in Mobility

Many of the families that we meet are experiencing things that they’ve never had to face before. Few have ever had to consider how to build an ADA compliant ramp, how a stairlift should be installed, where a patient lift should placed, or how that handrail is going to support them in the shower. Our 101 Mobility team is trained to be experts of not only what potential problems to look for but also on the products and services to ensure the optimal safety and security for every family member. We help educate families every day on ADA complaint ramps, best practices within the home and what equipment will support them both today and into the future.

1-Year Warranty

At 101 Mobility everything that we install is backed by our 1 year guarantee. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a piece of technology and having it fail just a few days after owning it. We believe that the first call and our free consultation are the foundation and beginning steps of a long term relationship. The equipment we sell we not only will setup and train you on but we come back to support and service that equipment after the fact as well. It is our goal to ensure you have the best experience possible with your new equipment and we are committed to help. Just like any kind of technology, lifts can have issues as well and if one does we are committed to stand behind our installation and help the family through whatever challenges they may have.

Certified Manufacturing Expertise

photo of indoor ramp

Merely possessing a stairlift or ramp isn't sufficient; our vision encompasses the entirety of your experience. Beyond the acquisition, our focus extends to ensuring impeccable installation and professional craftsmanship. We want the assurance that the equipment not only operates today but stands resilient for tomorrow. Moreover, we believe in equipping you with the knowledge of its utilization, maintenance, and the support system in place should assistance be required. This is the commitment we pledge at 101 Mobility.

Our team doesn't just embody competence; we wear the badge of manufacturer-certified proficiency with pride. These certifications aren't fleeting accomplishments; they represent our dedication to upholding the stringent standards set by the manufacturers we represent. Each product installation, meticulously executed, echoes the manufacturer's guidelines, assuring you of optimal performance.

As certified technicians, we not only wield the tools of installation but also act as educators. We empower your family with insights on how to wield and nurture the product, facilitating its longevity. If ever a hiccup arises, rest assured that our services are all-encompassing. We stand as your single point of contact for servicing and sustained upkeep. In the end, our endeavor crystallizes into a haven of tranquility and confidence for your family, a testament to the wisdom of choosing 101 Mobility.

Curated Excellence in Product Selection

101 Mobility proudly assumes the role of a dealer for an array of accessibility products. Our sphere encompasses various vendors, each presenting their unique products within a given category. An example lies in stairlifts—a product class where diversity thrives. Multiple manufacturers offer a plethora of stairlift models, each replete with distinct features and options.

At 101 Mobility, the process of selecting which manufacturers to champion is no arbitrary feat; it's an arduous, rigorous endeavor. Our curation of represented manufacturers adheres to the highest standards. We meticulously evaluate their quality, support structure, and accessibility for families across the spectrum. This ensures that we present products that stand as paragons of excellence, providing not just utility but also value for your investment.

Our approach facilitates a seamless journey for families, guiding them through the maze of options to identify the ideal solution. We're not just salespeople; we're navigators, helping you make a decision that aligns with your needs and aspirations. Trust in 101 Mobility as your compass in the realm of accessibility, charting a course towards products that harmonize with your lifestyle and bring newfound mobility.

Fast Turnaround

Many of the families we are referred to come to us with an immediate need. Most of the time there is a loved one being discharged promptly and one of the items to make that happen is to ensure there is a safe way to enter and navigate their home. As such our team is tuned to be able to quickly respond to your call. We answer the phone or return messages as quickly as possible. We come out quickly to conduct a free consultation and for products that we rent to families or stock for quick purchase we can often install in a very short time frame. Our goal is to be able to help facilitate a smooth and speedy return home for your loved ones.


Navigating safety for your loved ones in the home can be a challenge and taking a partner with you on that journey is definitely the recommendation. Hopefully these few points can help you in making the best decision for your family. No matter whether it’s the confidence in knowing your family will be cared for like one of our own or that we can respond quickly to your call, 101 Mobility would love to be your partner on this new chapter of your family’s story. We are honored to walk with families through these kind of challenges every day and we would cherish the opportunity to work with yours.