Mary Lynn: The Elevator Lady of Boston

Elevators are an excellent mobility solution that adds to your home’s resale value. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they are a chic mobility solution that can be used by everyone. Lucky for us, no one knows more about home and limited-use commercial lifts than Mary Lynn Miller of 101 Mobility® Massachusetts.

Mary Lynn has over 30 years of experience working with elevators from companies like ThyssenKrupp Access and Otis Elevators. This week, Mary Lynn lent us her insight on some of the most common questions about elevators, their benefits, and their features. Check out what she had to say below:

What’s the difference between home elevators and commercial elevators?
The main differences between home elevators and commercial elevators are their carrying capacities and their travel speed. Commercial elevators have a significantly higher weight capacity and generally travel faster than residential models.

I don’t think I have enough space in my house for an elevator.
Residential elevators come in many designs for a variety of settings. For example, Savaria makes an excellent space-saving lift: the Eclipse Home Elevator. This elevator has a unique drive system that does not require a separate machine room, so it’s ideal for those wanting to conserve space in their home.

Will the ride in a home elevator be choppy or noisy?
Not at all, if you select the right kind. Home elevators are designed to operate at a mere whisper. A great example is the Infinity Home Elevator, which contains a hydraulic drive motor so it’s barely heard as it smoothly travels up or down. Choosing the right elevator will ensure zero choppiness and a quiet operation.

How safe is a home elevator
Many home elevator models have innovative, built-in safety features. Most elevators have safety features like an emergency stop, obstruction sensors, and some sort of alarm in case the user needs assistance. Other elevators take an extra step in assuring safe travel, such as the Infinity. The Infinity elevator features a magnetic leveling system that ensures the elevator’s floor is perfectly flush with the floor you arrive on. This is a wonderful safety feature to have if you’re worried about falls, tripping or a smooth surface transition for a wheelchair or scooter.

What if I need an ADA compliant lift for public access?
There are several ADA-compliant elevators available for public use. Many small businesses can benefit from installing a limited-use elevator. “Limited-use” means the lift can be applied to buildings with three stories or less.

If you’re looking for an ADA compliant limited-use lift, the Orion Commercial Lift would be a great choice. Similar to the Infinity lift, this elevator also functions via a sleek hydraulic drive system, so the ride is very smooth. This also makes operation extremely quiet so this lift can be used day in and out without disrupting normal business in your school, hotel, or office.