SHC Vertical Platform Lift

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SHC Vertical Platform Lifts by Staying at Home Corporation are a safe and durable vertical platform lift option. These lifts are battery powered and able to remain functional even in a power outage. SHC Vertical Platform lifts are primarily constructed out of durable aluminum and use an elevator cable drum drive to operate the lift, resulting in a quiet and smooth ride. They can also be installed with an integrated solar panel to charge the battery. Proudly made in the USA!

Product Features

  • Primary construction is aluminum to resist corrosion
  • Powder coat finish - special colors available
  • Maximimum lift height of 14 feet
  • 3/8 inch aircraft cable drive
  • Designed to meet A18.1 Sections 2 & 5
  • Optional patent pending solar charge – no electricity needed
  • Residential / Commercial Version - both 750 lb. Capacity
  • Speed of travel - 18 feet / minute
  • Wireless landing controls
  • Diagnostic indicator on platform controls
  • Smooth ride – no screw drive whip, or hydraulic mess/smell
  • Battery powered – Able to operate during loss of power
  • Lifetime Warranty – Circuit board and motor/gear
  • AWS Certified construction
  • Proudly made in the U.SA.

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