How-To: Yoga Poses from Your Wheelchair Part 2

September is National Yoga Month! If you’ve been meaning to perfect your poses or are interested in starting a practice, now is a great time to do so!

To help get you started, we’ve rounded up four more of the best sequences that can be done from a seat or wheelchair – no prior experience necessary! (To view Part One of this series, click here)


Always check with your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning any exercise regimen. Your doctor may allow you to attempt some poses but may recommend that you avoid others. Always listen to your body – some poses may feel uncomfortable at first, but if you ever feel pain or extreme discomfort, stop immediately and talk to your doctor. It is best to practice when accompanied by a friend, family member, or caregiver present should you require assistance for any reason.


Throughout your entire practice, be mindful of your breath. Breathing should be done through the nose whenever possible. Try to keep breaths slow and intentional, with your inhales matching your exhales (for example, try inhaling to the count of four, then exhaling to the count of four to see what this feels like).

Why Yoga?

Still not convinced to give it a shot? Check out this video of four wheelchair-bound Yoginis discussing the benefits that yoga has had for them

8 Minute Beginner’s Sequence

Basic Seated Poses

15 Minute Guided Sequence with Meditation

40 Minute Mindful Chair Yoga for Beginners

Yoga For Seniors – Full Body 50 Minute Class

This class does require some leg movement, but can be done while standing or sitting.