5 Ways Onboarding With 101 Mobility Is Like Having a Best Friend

When a new franchisee signs with 101 Mobility, he or she gains a team of talented people to help get him or her head in the right direction. It’s always our goal to provide a tremendous amount of support and resources for new franchisees on the road towards Launch Day—that is, the day their 101 Mobility® business opens.

The onboarding process kicks off with an onboarding call with Tamara Cunningham, Manager of Franchise Support and Training. During the call, new franchisees can air out any questions, whether big or small, regarding Launch Day and the journey there. The onboarding process typically takes new franchisees anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on various factors including permitting requirements and whether or not they are still winding down a previous job. In this post, Tamara breaks down our current onboarding process.

  1. We keep you on track.
    New franchisees are not left out in the cold after the initial onboarding call. In fact, the full onboarding program includes online learning modules and a complete checklist to guide franchisees through the weeks before Launch Day.  The checklist keeps franchisees on task by reminding them to, for example, complete OSHA training, lease office space equipped with phones, order and install both their branded vehicle wrap and office signage, obtain required licenses and permits, order employee apparel, obtain insurance, and setup QuickBooks for bookkeeping. Franchise support is just a phone call away when franchisees need a tip or trick to carry them to the other side of Launch Day.
  1. We complement each other
    You’ve got the drive, passion, and aptitude to satisfy customers and bring in sales. We’ve got the value of past experience, fundamental knowledge, and systemic operations to help you hit the ground running. Through a personalized web platform, we provide information and document sharing. Are you wondering whether you need to apply for your DUNS # or CAGE # first? – 101 Mobility’s franchise support team has your back.
  1. We hold you accountable
    The calls, online modules, and checklists all serve to help us check-in with new franchisees to ensure that the onboarding process is moving forward.  The franchised business ultimately belongs to the new franchisee, after all, but in starting their own business we find it helps to have a coach in their corner counting the number of laps left to go.
  1. We’ll get down in the trenches with you
    Once a new franchisee has completed their checklist of business requirements for opening day, they will enter a 10-day training program at corporate headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina. The first five days consist of covering essential business functions, sales, marketing, and Google® AdWords setup. The next five days provide new franchisees with total immersion into mobility and accessibility products, installations, and troubleshooting basics. From navigating your toolbox to repairing critical parts and pieces, we are with new owners every step of the way.
  1. We are your biggest cheerleader
    101 Mobility is here for new franchisees via weekly calls during onboarding and training. The cheerleading doesn’t end once the onboarding and 10-day training program are complete. New franchisees can expect customized online training sessions twice a week for the next four weeks as they work on live orders so as to not lose any time!

101 Mobility has invested in and put resources in place to walk over thirty-six new franchisees through the process of opening a 101 Mobility® business to serve a growing market of people in need of mobility and accessibility products. From onboarding to training and marketing support – it is our constant goal to work hand in hand with our franchisees to help them actively meet their own business goals.

Browse 101mobility.com/franchiseopportunity to learn more about franchising with 101 Mobility.