Should I Buy a Franchise or Start My Own Business?

If your goal is to create wealth, stay busy, help others, or simply keep your creativity alive, then starting a business may be a viable next step. But, should you buy a franchise or should you start a business under your own brand name?

Check out our list of comparable advantages as a decision-making aid when deciding whether or not buying a franchise ̶ in particular, a 101 Mobility® franchise—is right for you.

101 Mobility® Franchise Advantages

  • National brand power and nationwide marketing support may provide an advantage over the independent competition and  a faster return on investment
  • Ten-day training program and ongoing resources provide new franchisees with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to manage the various aspects of their business
  • Avoid common start-up mistakes by utilizing: our network of franchisees, attend our annual franchisee conference, and/or participate on the Franchisee Advisory Board
  • “Plug and play” business model
  • Onboarding program tailored to each franchisee
  • Checklist for finding a location, procuring equipment, permitting, etc.
  • Extensive web-based marketing strategy, pay-per-click consulting, and local websites
  • An expansive and growing catalog of branded sales slicks, graphics, online content, etc.
  • Economies of scale: We negotiate to price, you can pass the value on to customers
  • A supportive infrastructure and territories available for purchase make expansion easier

Startup Advantages

  • Complete autonomy and ability to creatively pursue any desire your resources allow
  • Freedom to create your own brand story, philosophy, and marketing initiatives
  • You decide investment priorities and how much you will invest
  • Custom build your own business model and operating procedures
  • Ability to select what products and services your business will offer

At 101 Mobility, we love what we do. If you are interested in owning your own business with a built-in support system, you may want to consider franchising with us. Should you choose to fly solo, we do wish you the best of luck!

Learn more about franchising with 101 Mobility at 101mobility.com/franchiseopportunity.