Why 75% of 101 Mobility Franchisees Are Multi-Unit Owners

Multi-unit franchise owners are widespread in the 101 Mobility® System. “Minimal overhead was required with the second (and additional) territories in comparison to our initial location,” says Gordon Raney, Dallas, TX franchisee. “For us, if we think that we can make a reasonable profit, then why not expand?”

Gordon Raney and his wife Jennifer Raney signed on as 101 Mobility® franchisees in May 2012. The Raneys began with 101 Mobility® Dallas/ Ft. Worth, but it was not long before they started receiving calls from the state of Oklahoma. Like many other 101 Mobility® franchisees, Gordon described the demand as obviously apparent and pulling their business further and further away from their home base in Dallas. Once a location was set up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the same thing happened in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“When it comes down to it, the infrastructure is already in place though the original location, so expansion becomes relatively easy and those additional offices can become profitable at a lower sales number. This business has been very scalable for us.” 

Through his two locations in Cleveland and Columbus, Jeff Franklin of 101 Mobility® also experienced a record-breaking year in 2014.  Citing passionate top-talent that he can trust as the primary cause for record-breaking revenue and a recent expansion into Michigan, Jeff, and his driven team work hard to carefully analyze quotes each month in order to stay on target and meet sales goals.

“Franchisees like myself are trying to build a viable company with equity in it. This isn’t about a paycheck. We’re trying to build a company, something with scale that can provide good opportunities for our personnel,” Jeff explained.

Being a part of the 101 Mobility® franchise system affords franchisees key resources to aid in building an initial infrastructure, obtain leads, and support expansion. 101 Mobility provides franchisees and their employees with systems, reports, marketing, training materials, and tools they need to help them stay on task with sales objectives and goals.

Jeff recounts how instrumental it was spending time with Tammy Harrell, Web/Graphic Design Supervisor, and Lauren Beyel, SEO/SEM Manager, in launching local websites for new territories and learning about search engine optimization, monitoring web leads, and occasional guidance. “Whenever we’ve needed an extra push, corporate digs in tweaks things, and gets the ball rolling again,” he said.

The 101 Mobility® system currently operates in 86 territories nationwide. Franchisees agree that once in the 101 Mobility® system, the market growth opportunity and economies of scale make the decision to expand an easy one. 101 Mobility® franchisees range from local owner-operator establishments to expansive multi-unit teams depending on their goals, resources, and abilities. Whether franchisees aspire to be empire builders and or owner-operators, 101 Mobility has the tools to support both.

Learn more about franchising with 101 Mobility at 101mobility.com/franchiseopportunity.