3 Ways “Local” Adds Value for 101 Mobility® Customers

101 Mobility® businesses provide mobility and accessibility products along with evaluation, installation, and repair services. While structured as a nationwide franchise system, our greatest benefit to the customer is the in-person service our franchisees provide at their customers’ homes and businesses. Our community-based franchise model is an essential factor to delivering added value for customers.  Check out three key ways 101 Mobility® franchisees’ local presence works best for the markets they serve.

  1. Finding the Right Solution
    A large percentage of our customers are acquired through web referrals. Once a customer lands on a franchisee’s website, they are prompted to call. Mobility solutions are not a simple commodity and may be as complex or unique as the consumer a franchise owner will serve.  The goal of 101 Mobility® franchisees is to train their staff to thoughtfully guide customers through product selection over the phone and during on-site evaluations.
  1. Installation Services
    Most of our products require labor-intensive installation. 101 Mobility® businesses provide families and businesses with certified local service technicians who are trained to install and demonstrate products. Local representatives first identify the unique needs of a consumer, then sends their service technicians to the consumer to install the best-suited solution.
  1. Customer Care
    The primary consumer base for 101 Mobility® businesses consists of older Americans who like connecting a face with a name, and preferably a direct line. 101 Mobility® customers meet their service providers in-person and get to know the people they are trusting with their mobility. Should cause for repairs arise, customers can rest assured that the 101 Mobility® business they entrusted the original installation to also provides maintenance and support services. Over time, the feedback received from customers re-iterates that physically being there for customers is important. See testimonials, here.

Our philosophy at 101 Mobility® is anchored by our passion for helping customers. A local presence allows franchisees to fully align their businesses with the communities they serve, keeping a constant pulse on their customers’ needs. Learn more about our products and services at 101Mobility.com. Find out more about our franchise opportunities at 101mobility.com/franchiseopportunity.