VIDEOS: Franchisees Discuss 101 Mobility’s Core Values

101 Mobility isn’t special for having a set of Core Values. There are plenty of businesses all over the world that have their own list as well. What does make 101 Mobility unique is our dedication to them. In everything we do, we make sure that our Core Values are always being followed. Not only do we follow these values on a corporate level, but our franchisees are also well-versed in them as well. This helps them to succeed within their business, while also ensuring their customers receive a premium experience.

101 Mobility’s Core Values are:

  1. Be Available
  2. Customer Care
  3. Exceed Expectations
  4. Operate with Integrity
  5. Be Passionate

But how do these Core Values play out in the real world? Watch a few of our franchisees explain each Core Value in detail below:

Core Value #1: Be Available
When a customer needs you, be accessible.

(Features: Garol Orr, 101 Mobility of Atlanta)

Core Value #2: Customer Care
When a customer has a problem, solve it.

(Features: Jeff Franklin, 101 Mobility of Columbus)

Core Value #3: Exceed Expectations
Give the customer more than they are expecting.

(Features: Jill Taylor, 101 Mobility of San Antonio)

Core Value #4: Operate With Integrity
Doing the right thing is always good business.

(Features: Virgil Moore, 101 Mobility of San Jose)

Core Value #5: Be Passionate
Love what you do or go do something else.

(Features: Donna Dziewik, 101 Mobility of Milwaukee)

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