Justin Murdock: Why We Took Our Independent Shop the Franchise Route

Existing auto-accessibility provider converts to 101 Mobility franchise with big results

Robert Murdock is the first 101 Mobility franchisee to convert from a pre-existing DME business. He and his sons, Justin and Jason Murdock, made the leap in early 2014. The Murdocks now offer full-service mobility solutions, installations, and repairs in Huntington, Charleston, and Lexington, West Virginia. Justin Murdock explains what inspired the conversion, how it changed business, and what’s next.

Facing Limitations
As a ‘mom and pop’, we looked to 101 Mobility as a way to secure a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract in order to serve clients covered under Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. I began to search “101 Mobility” and they came up all over the web! Aside from VA business, we knew there was a potential retail business but did not have the time or resources to market to retail.

Game Changer
After being independently owned for fifteen years, we wanted to run our business our way and see a return of our investment on franchise royalties. On Discovery Day, we met with Dave (Pazgan) and the team. They showed us how 101 Mobility rapidly grew into what is becoming a national brand. Seeing how the marketing department works and builds up a local web presence sealed the deal for me. This meant that I could spend more time out of the office and in the field focusing on sales rather than website functions, marketing, and public relations. We left Discovery Day convinced that the sales growth seen across the franchise would come our way as well.

Immediate Benefits
Our dedicated Business Development Manager, Chris Mink has given me excellent guidance with B2B sales, even coming to Huntington and meeting with several referral sources with me. An immediate web presence generated leads as we re-opened the doors! Business from Veterans Affairs (VA) quickly surpassed what we were able to do on our own.

Pleasant Surprises
Wes Barefoot and the corporate team brought new business opportunities our way through their work on national contracts. This has definitely been an added benefit that we never could have tapped into before. The marketing team has proven to be fantastic. All I have to do is present an idea to the marketing team – they run with it and come back with an awesome ad, document, or whatever I need.

Where are they now?
101 Mobility of Huntington is on track for a record sales year and had its highest sales month ever in November 2014. The Murdocks operate 101 Mobility of Huntington out of an 11,000 sq. ft. warehouse and have hired additional service technicians to accommodate the growing number of clients. They’ve seen retail sales grow every quarter. Most recently, 101 Mobility of Huntington was awarded a new territory in which the FSS contract has helped them get a ‘foot in the door’ with the local VA hospital. The Murdocks are excited to kick off the New Year as a multi-unit 101 Mobility franchisee.

Learn more about franchising with 101 Mobility at 101mobility.com/franchiseopportunity.