Reaching Out and Giving Back: 101 Mobility in the Community

Many businesses of every type “give back” to their communities in a number of ways, but few industry sectors have as much opportunity for operators to help people in their local communities as the in-home healthcare industry. This market segment is based on more than nursing and caregiving; it’s about improving peoples’ standard of living.

Businesses such as 101 Mobility that provide mobility and accessibility solutions are an integral part of the home healthcare world as they provide products that change lives on a daily basis. Individuals who choose to open businesses in this sector tend to have personalities driven toward helping others – both through their work and outside of it.

Giving back is its own reward. In this industry, being charitable not only benefits the recipients but is necessary for establishing the trust within the community that promotes long-term success. As a franchise owner of a home health-related business, it’s incredibly rewarding to give back.

Home Healthcare Businesses Give Back

It doesn’t matter which community you live in. Just look around, and you will see many events, programs, and projects that are designed to help veterans, disabled, ill, and special needs individuals in some way.

Whether it’s a “fun run” to raise funds for the home healthcare needs of a child disabled by a tragic accident or educational programs for elderly citizens interested in improving their health and quality of life, operators in the home healthcare industry are always helping.

Often, the founders, volunteers, and sponsors of these events are home healthcare businesses.

Giving Back in Action

Providing accessibility solutions for veterans, the elderly, people with disabilities, and special-needs individuals in the regular course of business gives 101 Mobility franchise owners immense satisfaction. Every day, franchise owners provide mobility and accessibility solutions that improve their clients’ quality of life — including stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, mobility scooters, vertical platform lifts, home elevators, and more. Many of the company’s Mobility Specialists – those who deliver and install products to customers’ homes – report seeing customers cry tears of joy with their newfound freedom and home accessibility.

But 101 Mobility franchise owners don’t stop there. Their joy is spread when these franchise owners reach beyond the business day to get further involved in their communities.

101 Mobility franchise owners have cultivated relationships with organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Welcome Home Angel, and Sunshine on a Ranney Day (a nonprofit organization that renovates homes for children with special needs).

These relationships are so much more than networking or PR opportunities. Building relationships in the community fosters long-term trust in the brand and its services, which encourages more people in the community to explore their options for improving their standard of living.

For example, in July 2015, 101 Mobility of North Georgia partnered with Sunshine on a Ranney Day to donate the installation of a ceiling patient lift to the new fireman-themed room of Connor Bode, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy. Since the donation, Connor’s parents have been able to lift and transfer him from his bed to the bathroom via a sling and track system.

Another 101 Mobility franchise in White Plains, NY, was awarded the brand’s 2019 “Community Involvement Award” for their participation with their local ALS foundation. The team donated their time and warehouse space to clean, house, and deliver products for the foundation’s loaner program, which allowed recipients to use certain adaptive equipment.

For six consecutive years, the team at the 101 Mobility home office in Wilmington, North Carolina, celebrated Halloween with Codington Elementary School. The team worked with the school’s special needs class to build special adaptive wheelchair costumes for the students, then put on a costume parade for the rest of the school to cheer on their classmates.

At 101 Mobility, community involvement is a satisfying and important part of being a franchise owner.