Wise Words for Prospective Franchisees From a Seasoned 101 Mobility® Franchisee

Jeff Franklin is one of 101 Mobility’s earliest franchisees, having bought his first two locations from 101 Mobility in mid-2012. He now owns three locations in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan; Jeff Franklin also experienced a record-breaking year in 2014. In this post, Jeff offers his advice for new franchisees and those considering franchising with 101 Mobility. [Jeff’s opinions are his own.]

1. Vision
Aside from the daily grind of checking benchmarks, visiting locations, and networking, I spend most of my time planning 6-12 months ahead. Revisiting priorities is essential to scaling for growth.

2. Defensive Decisions
My recommendation is to know exactly how much capital you have and don’t make defensive decisions based on fear of competition. Stretching yourself too thin can be detrimental to your business and does not help further brand dominance or local name recognition.

3. Adversity
Every day won’t be great and you must have the stomach for those days. Individuals who understand customer service management will likely be able to quickly recover from any potential mishaps and keep their eyes on the goal!

4. Managing Expectations
Corporate offers plenty of great resources for franchisees. However, you should have a 30 to 90‑day plan and an investment timetable. Always operate under the expectation that you and new employees will see a 4-5 month learning curve for new systems and products.

5. Top Talent
I can’t stress enough how important it is to bring in top talent. Hire the right people, delegate, and empower employees with responsibilities and projects that play on their strengths.

6. Passion
Owning this franchised business is a 24/7 proposition. Every hour of every day, my 101 Mobility® business is on my mind! I’m always thinking of ways to improve service quality, generate more leads, and build a better business. That’s why the passion better is there. You’ve got to love what you do.

101 Mobility® business owners have access to a network of over 40 franchisees to exchange ideas with. From our annual conference and LinkedIn discussion group to corporate resources and casual conversations, one thing a new Zee should not be short of is a constructive opinion. 

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