101 Mobility Selected a Top 100 Franchise for 2019 by Franchise Gator

WILMINGTON, NC – FEBRUARY 18, 2019 – Franchise Gator has chosen 101 Mobility as a Top 100 franchise for 2019. The list is published annually to assist prospective franchise owners in their search for a franchise opportunity in which to invest. The list aims to identify franchisors with strong growth potential at an investment level that is in line with the average franchisee.

101 Mobility is ranked as the number 24 franchise opportunity overall. The ranking is based on several criteria, including financial stability, growth, sustainability, profitability, transparency, and franchisee satisfaction.

“Each opportunity on the Top 100 list has demonstrated strong growth potential coming into the New Year,” said Eric Bell, General Manager at Franchise Gator. “Not only are these opportunities among the very best in the industry, they also offer a solid investment for the everyday franchise buyer.”

According to 101 Mobility’s President, Dave Pazgan, “101 Mobility attracts franchise owners who are looking for a business that matters. Our franchise owners love getting out of bed and going to work because they get to solve serious and real problems for seniors in their communities.” 

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