101 Mobility Opens First Franchise Location in Maine

Mat Soch – Scarborough, ME

Mat Soch recently opened 101 Mobility’s first location in Maine. Situated in Scarborough, ME, this location services much of the state of Maine as well as parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

With a long history in the healthcare industry, Soch’s own professional journey mirrors the experience of the average 101 Mobility customer. He began his career in pharmaceutical sales, then later worked in operating room-based medical device sales.

After surgery, many patients would require home modifications in order to remain in their homes, where his current role with 101 Mobility comes in. His experience provides him with valuable insights into the customers’ journey, what they are going through, and what they can expect next, allowing him to provide the best long-term solutions for each customer.

Previous Experience

Soch began his professional career as a pharmaceutical sales manager, working closely with Urologists, Cardiologists, and Endocrinologists. He worked to educate customers on pharmaceutical products, including proper clinical usage by disease state, clinical support, and education. Through his experience, he gained a great deal of knowledge in degenerative diseases and the effects they have on those who are diagnosed.

Following five years in the pharmaceutical sales industry, Soch shifted to a position in medical device sales. There, he worked directly with various surgeons and even spent time in the operating room with hip and knee surgeries, spinal surgeries, trauma patients, surgical oncology and transplants. He gained an understanding of the various risk factors for the patients, as well as the journey that brought them to that moment and what their lives will be like when they return back home.

Many would require major modifications to their homes post-op to be able to live comfortably, independently, and safely. Now, as a 101 Mobility Franchise owner, Soch gets to help those individuals complete the journey and return home.

Joining 101 Mobility

Soch began researching small businesses and franchise opportunities in the area that could build on his background in the medical sales industry while allowing him to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. He now gets to help customers who are ready to return home after life-altering events.

His combined experience allows him a deeper understanding of who the customers are and what they have gone through, as well as what they might expect to face further down the road allowing him to connect on a deeper level. According to Soch,

“Now I can explain to my 5-year-old, ‘today we helped people’ and she can understand and appreciate what we do.”

Why 101 Mobility?

When asked why he chose a 101 Mobility franchise business over any other existing business or simply opening his own, he stated that “after researching, 101 Mobility fulfilled the most items on my check list.” Among those check-boxes are

“an impressive franchise model, spectacular interactions with brokers and home office staff, and even impressive interactions with vendors.”

The business fit with his relevant experience, it was the size he was looking for, and he felt that he was joining something great “right at the beginning of the wave”.

Soch spent over nine months talking to 101 Mobility’s franchise broker before moving forward, and adds that “Mike is one of the main factors that convinced me to choose 101 Mobility – not once over those nine months did he get frustrated with me or give me an attitude.”

Over the past month that Soch’s Portland, ME franchise has been open, he proudly states

“I’ve partnered with a group of people in the home office that I rely on, and all of my success can be traced back to their support.”

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