Dave Pazgan on “Fostering a Caring Culture That Filters Down to the Franchise System”

Dave Pazgan, CEO and Co-Founder of 101 Mobility, recently wrote an article that was featured in Franchising World Magazine. In the article, he focuses on how Franchisors can foster a caring culture that will also filter down throughout the franchise system. According to Pazgan, “When franchisors care about the people around them and their customers, that enthusiasm for doing good will bleed over into other aspects of the company.

Such is certainly the case with 101 Mobility, a company whose motto, “Do well by doing good”, is frequently heard around their corporate office. According to Pazgan, “101 Mobility was founded on the principle that by doing good, the company will also do well… As employees become more invested in the company, those acts of caring will perpetuate themselves and weed out the employees who don’t have the same level of passion.”

owner and staff taking a picture

To live out this mantra on a corporate level, 101 Mobility dedicates a portion of its annual marketing budget to philanthropic opportunities in the community. Within the franchise organization, there is a sense of pride whenever a location donates a product or service or otherwise helps someone in need. Pazgan recommends that franchisors foster this type of pride by setting up “a reporting system for franchisees to share their philanthropic work and for that work to be shared in newsletters and blog posts on the company’s website.”

Pazgan summarizes the concept, “A culture of caring is a culture that supports employees’ ideas, franchisee contributions, and team effort… Find a path for your company to communicate empathy across its system and for franchisees to put their trust in company culture”.

To read the full article, visit the Franchising World website here.