Grandma Lost Her Marbles

(This blog post is a contribution by Kindra French, owner of 101 Mobility®of San Diego, CA)

Kindra french

Kindra French

On his hands and knees, Henri squinted as he peered into the shadows under the cabinet. His chubby little hand reached into the darkness for the shiny round object that had captured his attention. His fingers closed around it, and he pulled out his prize. Slowly, he opened his fist and stared. In his hand was a perfect sphere, a glass marble.

Elated, he announced to everyone in the preschool, “Look! I found a marble! That’s so great, ’cause my grandma lost all of hers!”

Henri’s grandma, Pauline, had not actually lost her marbles at all. Her marbles were, in fact, safely stored in an antique canning jar on a high shelf at home. Pauline has a special collection of marbles, found treasures from her own childhood. This jar also serves as a not-so-subtle reminder to the whole family that “grandma has not lost her marbles.” Too bad four-year-olds don’t understand idioms.

When my friend Pauline shared this story with me, we giggled at her grandson’s cute comments. But for many who live in the shadows of dementia, it’s no laughing matter.

How to Hold onto your “Marbles”

The incidence of memory loss and mental confusion is rising steadily as we live longer. Fifty percent of adults 80 and older experience some level of dementia. Thankfully, though, there are steps you can take to maintain brain health and reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Here are 6 lifestyle choices that will help you keep your marbles in the jar:

  1. Regular exercise: studies show that regular physical activity enhances brain health

  2. Healthy diet: reducing sugar intake and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables have been linked to a reduced risk of dementia

  3. Mental stimulation: learn a language, play a musical instrument, do crossword or Sudoku puzzles

  4. Quality sleep: adequate rest reduces the risk of memory loss

  5. Stress management: reducing stress reduces your risk of developing Alzheimer’s

  6. An active social life: companionship, camaraderie, and community are beneficial for maintaining a healthy brain.

For more information on Alzheimer’s prevention and maintaining brain health, see this helpful article from helpguide.org

Like little Henri, don’t be afraid to reach into the shadows, stretch yourself a little, and hold on!

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