5 (Utterly Adorable) Wheelchair-Using Animals

Check out these five superstar animals who learned how to use a wheelchair

Ready for a daily dose of “cuteness?” Perhaps with a dash of “inspiration?”

If so, then 101 Mobility® has a treat for you! We’ve collected five of the cutest animals (everything from pigs to fish) with disabilities from all over the Web. These little guys and girls prove that anything is possible when it comes to accessibility.

Check out these five animals who don’t let their disabilities get in their way:

1. “Chris P. Bacon” The Pig

Aside from having a funny name that made one TV reporter laugh uncontrollably, Chris P. Bacon snorted his way into our hearts through his inspirational spirit. Born without the use of his hind legs, Chris P. Bacon uses a miniature wheelchair to get from place to place. He even has his own children’s book and plush doll!

Watch the video that became a sensation below:

2. “Wheelz” the Bunny

Found stiff and cold on their farm, Overlook Acres owners Jason and Sonja Ambrosino decided to nurse “Wheelz” the bunny back to health. With both hind legs paralyzed, Jason decided to purchase a few items from the dollar store – including a mini-wheelchair to help Wheelz get around!

After uploading a video of Wheelz on YouTube, the bunny hopped his way into viral stardom, adored by fans from all over the world. Jason and Sonja even plan to release a children’s book to tell his story!

Check out the adorable video that went viral below:

3. “Flipper” the Cat

Born with a twisted spine, “Flipper” the cat could only drag herself around due to having crooked hind legs. Due to her condition, she was going to be put down – until a group of high schoolers heard about her story. That’s when the Blitz Robotic Club of Conifer High School in Colorado decided to design a special harness to help her walk again.

See the video for yourself of Flippers amazing improvement:

4. “Tumbles” the Puppy

So adorable! Tumbles, a terrier-beagle mix puppy born without front paws, is able to get around thanks to the team at the The Ohio University Centre. Through the use of a 3D printed miniature wheelchair, Tumbles quite literally tumbles his way around, inducing a plenty of “Awwww”s along the way.

Click on the video below to see him use his wheelchair for the first time:

5. “Goldie” the Goldfish

After watching this video, you can honestly say you’ve seen it all! A goldfish named “Goldie” had a buoyancy problem where she would only sit at the bottom of the fish tank, instead of swimming with the other fish. That’s when someone decided to create the world’s first “goldfish wheelchair” for her, which allows Goldie to float on the same level as the other fish.

This is one video you have to see to believe:

Which animal is your favorite? Let 101 Mobility® know by leaving us a comment below!

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