Top 10 Summer Tips for Seniors

Ah, it’s that time of the year again: sweet summertime. This when people spend more time outdoors doing the things they enjoy most, such as taking a trip with family, fishing, or gardening. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of the year when the humidity gets us sweating, the sun makes us tired, and the heat gets us out of breath. While many of us still like to take advantage of the warm weather, it’s important to remember that seniors, just like everyone else, need to take necessary safety precautions when it comes to “beating the heat.”

Here are the Top 10 Summer Tips for Seniors:

  1. Stay Hydrated – Seniors have a higher likelihood of dehydration than those who are younger. This occurs because seniors lose the ability to conserve water as they age. Fight back against dehydration by drinking water and products like Gatorade, and drinking them often.

  2. Dress for the Weather – Be sure to dress for the occasion. If it’s hot out, be sure to wear clothing that will keep you cool. If your house is cool but you venture out into the hot outdoors, try wearing lightweight layers so that you can adjust to the differing temperatures.

  3. Cut Out Caffeine – Everyone enjoys a good cup of joe or a glass of sweet tea. However, during the summer months, it might be best to kick it to the curb. That’s because the caffeine in these beverages acts as a diuretic, which takes away the needed liquids from your body to stay hydrated.

  4. Wear Sun Protection – Sun protection is not only a good idea for everyone, but it’s also especially important for seniors. To be fully protected from the sun, be sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Protecting your body from the sun becomes more important as we age, due to possible conditions overexposure may bring.

  5. Use Bug Spray – Did you know that seniors are particularly prone to the West Nile Virus and encephalitis that can come from mosquitos? Swat those problems goodbye by applying bug spray before you go outside.

  6. Exercise Smart – If you’re an active senior, you don’t have to let the summer months hold you back. Choose to exercise or go outside during the early morning and late evening, when the sun isn’t as strong.

  7. Avoid High Heat/Humidity – Sometimes there’s no way around it: it’s hot outside. If the temperature and humidity are extremely high, it might be best to stay indoors and keep comfortable for the time being. If you need anything from your yard or town, just call a family member or neighbor. Never be afraid to ask.

  8. Meet the Neighbors – Do you have neighbors? Introduce yourself and get to know them. Ask them if they would be willing to check in on you from time to time. Having a buddy who will look after you from time to time can be extremely helpful.

  9. Review Medications – Talk to your doctor about your medications and how heat might affect them. Some prescriptions will not work as effectively if they’ve been subject to a temperature change in the house. Be sure to know what steps you can take to keep your medicine working at its best potential.

  10. Keep Your Home Cool – For your safety, temperatures inside your home should not exceed 85 degrees for any long periods of time. If you don’t have air conditioning or yours is broken, be sure to tell a family member or neighbor to see if they’d be willing to help.

Do you have any tips you’d add to the list? Leave us a comment below!

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