Snowed-In Solutions

You’re snowed in. Now what?

It’s wintertime: a reality that a lot of seniors and people with limited mobility and disabilities face often. Most cold climate cities and towns have timely snow removal plans for public streets, but for many, the snowy space from the doorway to the driveway or sidewalk keeps them cooped up indoors. Not only is it inconvenient, but it creates an unsafe situation for the person inside.


Prior to the internet age, it was difficult to be heard and equally difficult to know exactly who needed snow assistance. Thanks to a few thoughtful, intuitive, and hardworking people, the following local snow removal solutions have been created. Read on to see how each program works.

snow angels

Snow Angels is a program that began in Pittsburgh, PA to help seniors with their snow removal needs. The program has grown in recent years to provide snow-related assistance to those with disabilities. To request a snow angel in the Pittsburgh area, visit their website for more details or call (412) 255-4773.

Snow Corps

Snow Corps pairs residents requiring snow removal with shovel-bearing volunteers in the Chicago area. To request shoveling service, Chicago dwellers can call 311, submit an online service form, or contact their ward office.

snow crew

Snowcrew was created by Joseph Porcelli, who identifies himself as a professional neighbor, to offer shoveling assistance in communities where it is needed. How does it work? Individuals can sign up for a free SeeClickFix account on the Snowcrew website and can then immediately submit a shoveling request or offer to help right within their neighborhood!

Did we miss any snow removal services offered in your town or city? Let us know in the comments below!

From all of us at 101 Mobility®, have a safe winter!