5 Animals That Are Totally Dominating Their Disabilities

At 101 Mobility®, we’ve determined that watching animals overcome their mobility struggles is one of our favorite things. Below, you will find 5 incredible videos about the 5 cutest animals that conquered their challenges and learned to live an active lifestyle!

Meet Aikau! Before surgery, Aikau wasn’t walking too well. After just one week in post-recovery, Aikau zips down a hallway in a custom wheelchair with ease. 3 months later, Aikau can walk without a wheelchair! Watch to see Aikau’s amazing progress!

As a kitten, Africa was injured and could no longer use the lower half of her body. Luckily, Africa was adopted by a couple that went the extra mile in making sure that Africa could get around. Watch the video to see!

Charity the Chihuahua was hit by a car and could no longer walk around. Fast forward to this fantastic day when Charity received her wheelchair and started zipping around like crazy!

As an animal lover, you may have already heard about the famous piglet Chris P. Bacon. Chris was born with deformed back legs, but that didn’t stop his owner from thinking outside the box. Using wheels from a children’s toy set, the owner constructed a wheelchair for Chris and now takes him on walks around the neighborhood. Watch this ABC clip of Chris P. Bacon on the news!

Meow! Meet Scooter, a beautiful cat who lost the use of his hind legs in a car accident. In this video, Scooter gets around in his wheelchair and even chases some toys! Scooter was adopted by a veterinarian and now lives in his forever home.