6 Reasons The Liftkar PT Should Have Your Full Attention

Why we love the Liftkar

We could barely contain our excitement when several franchisees decided to carry the Liftkar, which is now available for purchase in Long IslandRochesterDenverColorado SpringsChicagoSt.Louis, and Pittsburgh! Here are 6 reasons why the Liftkar should be on your mobility radar:

  1. Patented Technology - Liftkar PT’s smooth and seamless climb up or down the stairs is one of a kind. Finding and keeping balance feels natural with the Liftkar PT’s signature system. 

  2. Effortless Use - The Liftkar has handles that resemble that of a bicycle. On the handlebars are intuitive levers that can be pushed in or released to put the Liftkar PT in motion.

  3. Very Versatile - The Liftkar PT is available in three different models. Two styles are designed for people to roll their wheelchairs directly onto the Liftkar for secure travel. One model features a built-in seat for those who don’t use a wheelchair. You name it, and the Liftkar can roll over it: steel, concrete, hardwoods, and even shag carpet!

  4. Super Safe - Whether a cat jumps out in mid-transport up the stairs or your attendant unexpectedly slips, there is a wear-free, fast-acting braking system ready to catch your fall.

  5. Travel-Sized - The Liftkar PT goes where you go! At just 54 pounds, the Liftkar breaks down into three lightweight parts when not in use. It’s the perfect size for fitting in the trunk of your car. When on the go, just whip out the mobile charger to keep your Liftkar going strong.

  6. No wrecking ball necessary - No installation or home modifications required for a trip up the stairs. The manual handheld device does require an attendant to operate. If complete autonomy is what you are looking for, a stairlift or incline lift may be more your style. 

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