101 Mobility® Chicago Opens to Bring Mobility Solutions to Chicago Doorsteps

Nick and Elizabeth Lopez are proud to announce the opening of 101 Mobility® Chicago. Nick and Elizabeth represent 101 Mobility®’s 21st franchisee. The husband and wife team have always dreamed of starting a business that leverages their combined experiences while contributing something more meaningful within the community.

With backgrounds in business and finance, Nick and Elizabeth’s skill-sets are well balanced to start and grow the 101 Mobility® business that will service Chicago and surrounding areas. Nick brings twenty years of progressive marketing and sales operations experience to their new venture, gained working in the mobile-telecom industry. Familiar with working in a small start-up environment, he understands the importance and power of true customer service. Elizabeth, with skills in project management and accounting manages the financial operations of 101 Mobility® Chicago. Both continue to volunteer and lead in their local community school programs.

The Lopez family makes it a point to stay engaged in their children’s schools and with local community events.

“We’ve always shared with our children the importance of following your dreams, working hard, to love what you do and find ways to give back to your community. So when we found that a 101 Mobility® franchise system was available in Illinois it was immediately clear to us that this is a business we wanted to be part of, launch and grow in the broader Chicagoland area.”

Nick and Elizabeth recognize that residents of Chicago and surrounding suburbs are becoming increasingly concerned about the thought of having to leave their home as they age. This means leaving behind familiar faces, comforts and precious memories.

“A certain amount of control is lost when one leaves home and this control provides the underpinning to our feelings of dignity, quality of life and independence. Home provides a strong sense of security. But the incidence of limited mobility in our communities is far more common than most people realize and when a solution is needed to restore personal mobility, 101 Mobility® should be the first on the list to contact.”

101 Mobility® Chicago is a one-stop-shop for accessibility solutions. Nick and Elizabeth Lopez are committed to providing customers with handshake-style customer service paired with a variety of quality mobility products ranging from wheelchair ramps to stair lifts. The top-notch product offerings are matched with friendly, local authorized service technicians to ensure things are done right the first time. Day by day, the Lopez’ are increasing their reach with a focused marketing campaign and building community alliances with non-profits, state agencies and other organizations concentrated on improving the lives of Chicago’s aging and disabled population. They invite people to call and to ask questions about their mobility or accessibility situation – the 101 Mobility® team is there to listen first and offer guidance second. Nick and Elizabeth further explain,

“We are small family owned business that relies on referrals and we welcome calls from people to ask questions, share stories, their comments and suggestions.”

Call (888) 258-0652 or visit http://chicago.101mobility.com/ for assistance or additional information.