The Perfect Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

Finding the right gift for older adults, parents, and in-laws who have everything can be a challenge. When in doubt, opt for an exquisite lift chair! Strangers and loved ones alike will marvel at its magnificent presence, technological features, and striking appearance. Still not sold? Maybe this customer Q and A will change your mind:

What exactly is this “lift chair” you speak of?

It is the most comfortable part of your parents’ day. A lift chair reclines users back into sitting or lying positions at the push of a button. Does dad have a rough time standing back up? No problem. Push the button and the lift chair safely stands users upright with their feet on the floor. Perfection? I think so.

What if it doesn’t match mom’s living room?

Lift chairs come in dozens of sizes, models, colors, fabrics, materials, and more. You hold the power—select the features that appeal to your parents or in-laws the most, and bam! A favorite holiday gift of the year, hands down.

What if I despise changing batteries like The Grinch despises Christmas?

All of our lift chairs are electronic, and electronic lift chairs are the best kind of lift chairs. No batteries included or required, ever!

Will they deliver it to me?

101 Mobility® service technicians will deliver and professionally install the power recliner for your parents or in-laws with an expert touch. Their only job is to relax in it once the installation is complete!

How much do they cost?

Because there are so many models and styles available, prices vary. Average costs range from $799—$1199. But honestly, who can put a price tag on comfort?

Think about it: how long has your dad been sitting in the same chair? Every football game he watches every Sunday is from that same chair. When he’s had a long day, or is reading the newspaper, or is taking a nap, he is in that chair. Give him optimal comfort during these times—give him a lift recliner chair!

Get started on your holiday lift chair adventure by finding your local 101 Mobility®.

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