101 Mobility® Houston Prevents Falls With Vertical Lift Installation

Glen and Deanna Geggatt, of 101 Mobility®’s Houston location, may be new to the mobility business, but they are passionate about helping their customers remain safe in their homes. Recently they received a call from a client who had fallen down the three steps that lead from the house to the garage. Thankfully their client sustained no injuries. However, just a few months prior he had fallen down those same stairs and been hospitalized for some fairly significant injuries. Something needed to be done to prevent this from happening again.

When Glen and Deanna arrived that day to discuss mobility options, the homeowner, his wife, and his son were all there to discuss options and share their concerns. The homeowner and his wife both wanted to remain in the home and maintain their independence and mobility. While the son’s main concern was ensuring their safety.

With just three small steps between them and their safety, Glen and Deanna knew a solution was at hand. The problem was the poorly constructed steps had variations in rise. The first step was positioned with a 10” rise, the second with a 7” rise, and the third at an 8” rise. The variations in rise were making it incredibly easy for the homeowners to misjudge their footing, causing them to fall.

The solution was for 101 Mobility® to remove the old steps and install a deck or platform at the same height as the garage door leading from the house. The next step was to install a new set of stairs with a uniform rise height making it easier to climb the stairs to the platform. Additionally, a vertical platform lift was installed so that the homeowners did not need to use the stairs at all if they did not want to.

This solution provided two easily accessible ways for the homeowner to enter the home from the garage. With these solutions in place the homeowner is now able to maintain their independence and mobility and continue to “age in place.”

The final result of this solution from 101 Mobility® Houston was a very happy homeowner and a son who was “ecstatic” that his parents could now enter and exit their home safely.